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Theme weeks are suitable for returning campers or experienced riders looking for some variety at horse camp.

Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

$475 for the week

$60 Bus Transportation

Ages 8-16

Trail Camp  ages 10 - 16(Week 3, 7, & 9) - $475

Campers will have a blast getting set to ride the trails. They will learn about trail prep, the roles of each trail rider, trail safety, and types of knots for packing and tying. Riders will have a short arena ride to work on some safety skills for the trail and then they will set out on a new trail each day, learning new skills along the way. Campers should be confident on the horse and have some riding experience to enjoy the beauty of the trails. Campers should dress in jeans and riding boots with a heel.

Miniature Horse Driving Camp -  ages 9 - 16(Week 4) - $475

Campers will get a unique experience learning how to care for and drive a miniature horse in a cart. Horse science and horse activity will include leading the mini horses through patterns and obstacles. Campers will also take the reins, learn how to harness a miniature horse, and learn new driving skills each day.

Vaulting Camp -  ages 8 - 16 (Week 5) - $475

This special week-long Vaulting Day Camp program will introduce your child to the basics of Vaulting. Vaulting is essentially a gymnastic routine performed on horseback while the horse is moving. The horse is controlled by a staff member on a lunge line, and your vaulter will learn basic moves under the supervision and support of our vaulting instructor. Vaulting is a wonderful activity for the brave horse-loving kiddo as well as the more cautious first-time horse lover. Campers will also get to go on a trail ride. Vaulters should wear leggings or sweatpants and soft tennis shoes to be more free moving and comfortable for the horse.

Week #3 - July 1 - 5 (Trail Camp)

Week #4 - July 8 - 12 (Mini Driving Camp)

Week #5 - July 15 - July 19 (Vaulting Camp)

Week #7 - June 29 - August 2 (Trail Camp)

Week #9 - August 12 - August 16 (Trail Camp)

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