Help your Girl Scout troop work toward earning their horse riding badge by registering for our Girl Scouts Riding Badge Class. Your troop will learn some of the basics of horses through learning some horse facts, horse safety, some basics of care, leading a horse, how to groom and saddle and they will get a ride in the arena.

The class is 3 hours and will fulfill most of the Girl Scout Riding Badge requirements for ages 5 and up (patch is not included). The scouts will get at least 30 minutes of riding time with this class. Leaders or parents are welcome to ride with the scouts for an additional cost. *Please note, there is a weight limit of 240 lbs for any rider.

Our camp store will be open after your class time if desired, so your troop can purchase horse camp t-shirts, the button of the horse they rode, horse camp studies, lanyards, or other souvenirs. If you would like to visit the camp store, prepare your troop to bring cash ahead of time. Items are $1-$15.

The riding portion will be an arena ride only. If you would like to book a trail ride in addition to this class on the same date, there will be an additional fee per rider and an added hour to the class. Riders must be at least 9 years of age to ride on a trail ride.

Please stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more information

You can registerhere.